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Scăricica 1, Târgu Mureș,

Mureș, Romania

+40 725 510 511

Mon 10:00 - 22:00

Tue-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

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As a Bistro, fresh, seasonal ingredients and tradition are equally important to us and, to balance these out, we have added a Josper oven to the mix, for a truly remarkable experience. But what exactly is a Josper oven? We’re not surprised that you haven’t heard of it yet. We were also in the dark until one fateful trip to Budapest, which changed our lives forever. We’ve always been attracted to new and different flavours and taste sensations. The Josper oven offers us all that and much more!

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The JOSPER is the elegant combination of a charcoal-fired grill and an oven, which manages to transform simple dishes into irresistible meals by using a special technique. Imagine having a slice of juicy meat with a heavenly scent on your plate, that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside – be it sirloin, beef, lamb, goose or duck meat, fruits, or vegetables.

If you haven’t enjoyed a proper steak yet, then it’s probably because the meat was not cooked in the Josper oven.


It is important for us to use quality, fresh and local ingredients. We work with selected ingredients so that we can offer real local flavours and thus offer our guests a high level of culinary pleasure. This is also the case with steaks, which are our specialty, that's why we have a specialist, who takes care of their selection.

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The whole idea behind a seasonal menu is to bring in foods that are in season. This means rotating out vegetables as they are at their ripest. They bring their distinctive flavors to your dishes. This also means an oportunity for us to work with local suppliers and farmers. We like to know the ingredients from where they are comeing from. This means we have a close relationship with people who do they job with passion. We belive we can do our job for you only with passion.

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As masters of reinvention, our chefs work tirelessly on turning our worlds upside down through new dishes and fresh ingredients. With this in mind, they aim to demonstrate that our food serving and our menu are unlike any other.


"I have always dreamed of being a chef and offering a special culinary experience to my guests. It gives me great pleasure to come up with new recipes and enrich the existing menu with new and new dishes."
Sándor has loved cooking since he was a child. He started cooking with his mother, tasting food and often adding spices to enrich the taste of the final dish. From an early age, he began to invent and invent new recipes, always trying something different from his mother's traditional ones.


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