Târgu Mureș, Aleea Scăricica 1
Value & Quality Award



Zamatos, ízes húsételek mindenkor


Josperben grillezett zöldségek




Ínycsiklandó, könnyű desszertek


Hűsítő italok testnek és léleknek


Friss alapanyagok helyi termelőktől

Who we are?

A family who is in love with flavors and is not afraid of the novelties

We will not be surprised if you have no idea who Josper is. We did not know it either until we once visited Budapest. Right from that moment - no exaggeration - our life has changed. The novelties have always attracted us, especially when it comes to new flavors. Josper gave us the meaning of it.

If you have never eaten a good steak before, we know the reason why: it was certainly not made in the Petry Bistro Josper. We look forward to welcoming you!

Varga Pál Petri Júlia and Wisky Petri Ágnes


Tasty, delicious meat dishes at all times

Let the grilling passion be a common experience

A charcoal furnace warms not only our meals, but also the hearts of our chefs. With an oven like this they can really let go of their imagination and the result can be nothing but divine!

The Team

Masters of harmony

Commitment, teamwork, and relentless passion best characterize our daily struggle to survive as our restaurant closed due to the pandemic. Naturally, we didn’t just want to survive, but instead we wanted to do everything in our power to thrive and overcome the challenges with success. Our collaborative spirit and the harmony between the members of our team resulted in the finest dishes that have joined our menu.  

We had one goal in mind: to offer the best menu for our cherished guests, just in time for reopening. We wished to create an even more colorful, delicious, and complex list of dishes. 

Our dream became reality, since our brand-new menu features a natural blend of Italian, Asian, French, and Balkan dishes, where molecular gastronomy plays an important part.


The Team



Organize a corporate event like never before – in Petry Bistro!

Would you like to organize this year’s dinner or other business events a bit differently? Choose Petry Bistro as a venue! In our restaurant you will have many opportunities in addition to traditional lunch or dinner and formal conversation!

Order a dinner that will let everyone be struck dumb – the meat dishes prepared in the Josper charcoal furnace – barely known in Romania – will give you an unforgettable taste experience.

Indoor restaurant area: 46 persons

Upcoming Events

Healthy Dinner at Petry Bistro Grill & Wine

2020. july 07., 19:00-22:00

Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine alături de Monica Sânpălean, Nutriționist-Dietetician și Lajos Bende de la Boósifarm vă invită la un eveniment inedit, ce va avea loc pe data de 7 iulie. Vom încerca să împărtășim câteva secrete despre ce tip de preparate trebuie alese atunci când se ia masa într-un restaurant astfel încât să fie menținută o dietă sănătoasă și echilibrată. Conversația va fi acompaniată de mâncăruri sănătoase, preparate cu grijă special pentru acest eveniment de către bucătarul #PetryBistro, Csapo Sandor. Nu uita să-ți rezervi o masă!

Degustare de vin și meniu special - Crama SERVE

2018. march 6., 19:00–22:00

Puține lucruri pe lumea asta pot să îți încânte mai mult simțurile decât o cină gourmet, însoțită de cele mai fine și aromate soiuri de vin!

Marti, 6 martie, începând cu ora 19:00, împreună cu prietenii noștri de la crama SERVE, ți-am pregatit o călătorie culinară specială, chiar în incinta restaurantului Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine.

BBQ RIBS DAY - All you can eat - Sunday Special Offer

2018. march 4.–april 15

BBQ RIBS DAY - ALL YOU CAN EAT - SUNDAY SPECIAL OFFER Meniu gurmand în serile de duminică!

Coastele BBQ este o mâncare desăvărșită ! La #Josper se combină armonios condimentele cu carnea pentru a scoate în evidență gustul unic și unsuros exact cât trebuie a coastelor pregătite astfel.

Este de a dreptul irezistibil sosul BBQ pregătit la Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine! Te invităm să fii oaspetele nostru într-unul din cele mai bune și frumoase restaurante din Tg. Mureș!

Fă-i o surpriză dulce de 8 martie!

2018. march 8., 12:00–23:00

Sărbătoriți Ziua Intenațională a Femeii la Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine alături de muzică #LIVE

Pentru a putea rezerva o masă vă rugăm să sunaţi la 0725 510 511. Să facem pasiunea pentru grill o experiență comună! #JOSPER #PETRYBISTRO #LIVEMUSIC

GIRLS Night OUT - Petry Bistro - Cocktails, food&wondering!

2018. march14., 19:00–22:00

Hello Ladies! Save the date: GIRLS NIGHT OUT | 14 MARTIE | 19:00 at Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine


Pentru a putea rezerva o masă vă rugăm să sunaţi la 0725 510 511. Să facem pasiunea pentru grill o experiență comună! #JOSPER #PETRYBISTRO

LIVE Music Night -Tiffy&Tamás

2018. march 15., 19:00–22:00

Tiffy & Tamás at Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine 15 MARTIE | 19:00

Pentru a putea rezerva o masă vă rugăm să sunaţi la 0725 510 511. Să facem pasiunea pentru grill o experiență comună! #JOSPER #PETRYBISTRO #LIVEMUSIC

Târgu Mureș

Why is this town called Flekkentown?

Lately, there have been many writers, journalists and other competent and amateurish gourmets whose taste buds have developed a hankering for flekken [seasoned roast steak]. One of them dubbed our fair burg Flekkentown, another protested this. There were also some who claimed that despite being from Târgu Mureș, they have never had flekken and fail to see why flekken would have such a following in our town.

In olden times, the quickly, if at all roasted flekken must have been made of meat picked up here and there. It is however possible that Transylvanian hosts gathered for funeral feasts prepared it at times where they had been expecting a great many attendants. We know that flekken is made quickly, is roasted on coals and after a few minutes of roasting is served half-bloodied and dripping with grease.

Today, pork and beef is also used for flekken, but genuine flekken is made out of ram meat... Flekken, however, means not only the meat it is made of. Since it is a democratic food, it only really tastes well in a democratic setting, and it is also there that it has any meaning. Flekken is the savory victual of small pubs, and goes well with strong Transylvanian wines. As a foodstuff, it can be eaten anywhere, but it remains the staple of small pubs and forest hikes.

Ökrös Árpád - Egy emberöltő (1937)